A look at the mystery and controversies surrounding the 1975 shipwreck in the great lakes

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The bell is now on display in the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum as a memorial to her lost crew. In , Canadian explorer Joseph B. When the gales of November came early. Edmund Fitzgerald was the first laker built to the maximum St. Paquette of Wilfred Sykes predicted that a major storm would directly cross Lake Superior. Search Nautical Works—www. After making the safety of Whitefish Bay, the Coast Guard radioed to the Anderson, if they dare go back out to search for the Fitzgerald.

The large cargo vessels that roamed the five Great Lakes were known as lakers, and the S. On the morning of November 10, Winds were gusting to 50 knots and seas were 12 to 16 feet.

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After that, there was nothing on the radar. The hypothesis contended that the wave action continued to damage the hull, until the middle third dropped out like a box, leaving the ship held together by the center deck.

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The insurance executive whom the ship was named after passed away in at the age of The radar system and its backup failed. Only people survived the attack on the Lusitania.

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12 Doomed Facts About the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald