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Yes one can die from it like in old times. All brawns and no brains exactly the opposite of Odysseushe never appealed to my nerdy self. For the Stoics, Odysseus was a role model.

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Yet there is still something fundamental about him to which we can all relate, even if it is also something particularly hard to rationalise and explain. His long lasting anger against Agamemnon turns into camaraderie after his friend Patroklos is killed and finally his wrath against Hector's body turns into compassion when Priam begs for the body to be The Character of Achilles in Homer's Illiad words - 8 pages is really the only fully-developed character in The Iliad, and this entails the description of both positive and negative personality traits.

Homer presents the story of a man who transforms from a fiercely savage warrior in the beginning to a more mature, sympathetic man by the end of Similar Essays The Character Achilles In Homer's The Iliad words - 4 pages was a prize given to Achilles by Agamemnon for valor" gradesaver.

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It is forgetfulness. They both display behavior that could be described as heroism.

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Achilles is brutal, vain, pitiless