An analysis of extraordinary circumstances

X travelled by air from Toronto to Amsterdam, a distance of kilometres. What if the airline claims extraordinary circumstances?

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The article first describe the delay in British Airways flight from London to Amsterdam; the regulatory framework that governs compensation for aviation delay in the European Union and in Canada; and analyse the case study in light of the regulatory framework.

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Extraordinary delay

BA argues that its decision to attempt the flight, despite poor odds, was in response to external and extraordinary circumstances and was made in the best interests of passengers. I would have forgotten all about this seemingly ordinary child if it hadn't been for the storm. X returned to Heathrow Terminal and spent the night at the hotel BA provided. However, financial concerns strongly limit the likelihood he will seek compensation. The captain stated that BA could bring fresh crew but had chosen not to bear the expense. As a result of his delayed flight, Mr. As CAA did not provide Mr. X was in a position to find alternative transportation from London to Amsterdam with another airline, rail company, or taxi. Share This Story:. Finally, as every passenger encountering a substantial delay knows, no compensation can eliminate the deep feeling of discomfort, unfairness and frustration of an unjustified delay. I did, however, do research in order to make those chapters of the book read in a believable way while still leaving room for fantastic embellishment. He was not able to make his presentation, as the conference had long since finished. Sean Goltz Canadian on a British Airplane — Compensation and Extraordinary Circumstances in Aviation Delays: British Airways as a case study By Nachshon Goltz1 and Michael Purves-Smith2 Abstract This article describes and analyzes a case study of flight delay and the rejection of compensation to the passenger under the argument of extraordinary circumstances.

As CAA did not provide Mr. I ditched my crutches and hobbled in small circles around my apartment, trying to flex the stiff muscles of my puffy, red Muppet feet. For twenty-eight years, I was lucky enough to be able to take my feet and my body for granted. By this point, he was exhausted, hungry, and worried that he would not be able to present his paper at the conference in Amsterdam.

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The only economically viable strategy available to passengers is a claim through the European Small Claims Court.

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