An analysis of the 1993 movie version of the fugitive

Although Gerard whom the word hard-boiled does not begin to describe and Kimble are rarely in the same frame, the film links them forcefully by means of sharp editing and a determinedly narrow focus.

We first see him wearing a well-fitted tuxedo, as he plays social butterfly at a medical benefit.

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Kimble visits Kathy, who embraces him and asks him what hes doing there. Sam and his colleagues infiltrate the building, searching for Kimble, who throws Charlie down the stairs. I run a blog called The No Seatbelt Blog where I write about movies, music, toys and action figures, beer, and more. Kimble calls Clive Driscoll, who was arrested for armed robbery. He sees a photo of Sykes and remembers a tussle. Sam asks where the keys are and if the jailer wants "to change his bullshit story", showing him Kimbles mugshot. He escapes the train. Kimble goes to the Cook County Hospital and goes through the Myoelectric ward doors, through to the Prosthetics Lab, where a man is being fitted for a prosthetic arm. Cosmo notes that Sykes is dirty and Sam puts a tail on him. Kimble reads a medical report on a man who has half of his arm missing and makes a note: Type of elbow joint?

And the urgency is a good thing because every pause introduces a new threat—a passing cop, a skeptical doctor, a nosy guard. Kimble walks out of a shop with a new set of clothes.

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Kimble is found guilty and remanded to Illinois State Penitentiary, where hell wait to be put to death. Kimble rents a woman's basement. We first see him wearing a well-fitted tuxedo, as he plays social butterfly at a medical benefit. Poole and colleagues listen to the recording from Kimbles telephone call to Walter. With so little dialogue, the actor essentially resorts to silent-film acting, which is only buoyed by his hangdog handsomeness. Sam gets a report over the radio that Kimble was seen entering Hilton Tower Mall on the lower level. Jones is surrounded by good character actors, who for once sound like Chicago cops in their words and inflections, instead of like transplants from a TV police drama.

Kimble walks through the parade and steals a green hat, blending in. Kimble reveals McGregor and Lentz motives, and Charlie informs his friend that Lentz is dead from a car accident the last summer. Ford's Richard Kimble. Kimble goes up an elevator. Kimble fights with him and his prosthetic limb is revealed.

Not even for a cup of coffee that scene was cutnot even for some shopping cutnot even for romance also cut. Sams told to stay the hell out, but he wont, entering the mall.

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Not even the actors themselves were convinced The Fugitive was going to be good. When another prisoner tries to overpower him, the bus driver is shot and the bus rolls down a hill, landing across a set of train tracks. Sam screeches to a holt at the hospital, but misses Kimble, who exits out the back. So there was no reason to expect much from a feature-length "Fugitive," since it had the makings of one more present-day project with a desperately nostalgic ring. Janssen played Kimble as the Lone Ranger with a stethoscope, moving from town to town, but Ford takes a darker, more gothic approach. Davis swiftly intercuts Dr. The police also exit the station platform. He has a happy marriage with a beautiful wife Sela Ward , an expensive house, and a prestigious position as a surgeon. Strong performances from the main actors and supporting cast abound, the ominpresent score subconsciously keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, and the film acts as a social commentary in its underlying indictment of the supposedly infallible United States justice system, as well as of the unbridled greed and power that are characteristic of large pharmaceutical companies. Sam and Newman Tom Wood pretend to be drunk passers-by while other colleagues pretend to be service men. The cast—which was ethnically diverse because the director wanted to reflect the demographics of his birthplace—established their characters alongside Jones, coming up with dialogue on the fly.

A man walks through a room and Dr. The intruder exits the wardrobe holding a gun with his gloved hand. Kimble hides under some leaves and dreams about Helen making love to him, his trying to save her life, as well as his lawyer and the killer.

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There are no pop songs, bikini-clad extras or other cheap tricks to keep the audience occupied.

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'The Fugitive' Still Won’t Quit, 25 Years Later