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Conclusion What makes the Nike of Samothrace so significant is that it is one of the few surviving examples of original Hellenistic sculpture , rather than a Roman copy. Therefore, it was shown on Greek coins, temples, and other important objects. The sheer chiton that she is wearing clings to her body as if it is wet from a hefty sea spray, billowing in the wind. On the night of September 3, the statue descended the staircase on a wooden ramp which was constructed across the steps. Before she lost her arms, which have never been recovered, Nike's right arm is believed to have been raised, [7] cupped round her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory. The Nike of Victory has been resembled before in Greek art. When Filippo Tommaso Marinetti issued his Futurist Manifesto in , he chose to contrast his movement with the supposedly defunct artistic sentiments of the Winged Victory: "a race-automobile which seems to rush over exploding powder is more beautiful than the 'Victory of Samothrace'". The goddess is responding to energy and natural forces whereas the Parthenon frieze goddesses are tranquil, composed, and o not seem to be worrying about much at all.

The stylistic portrayal of the wings is a source of scholarly discussion, as the feather pattern resembles neither the wings of birds in nature nor wings in Greek art.

The Archaic and Egyptians sculpted people and clothes flat and simple.

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They believed the gods were heroes and took sides to help out; obviously you would want to be in the gods favor. Her abdomen twists slightly as if finding balance in the wind, and her wings are aloft behind her as if she just landed in from a fierce headwind.

The Nike of Victory has been resembled before in Greek art.

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They believed the gods were heroes and took sides to help out; obviously you would want to be in the gods favor. The statue's outstretched right wing is a symmetric plaster version of the original left one. The texture in her wings, and the fabric of her garment are very life-like and pick up light in their deep groves to make it look more dramatic. When looking at them you feel serene and peaceful, getting the calm feel of life as a god. Murray adapted the laurel wreath and olive branch innovations but also placed a sword in Nike's raised right hand. The Nike was made to act like a figure head on the prow of a ship, and though it never really was on a ship, it was the bow of a stone ship in a temple like building. This replica is actually a replacement of the original replica given to commemorate Armistice Day and the defeat of autocracy. Philadelphia sculptor Samuel Murray , a student and intimate of painter Thomas Eakins , produced the foot figure in with possible influence from Augustus Saint-Gaudens ' Nike interpretation on the Sherman Memorial in New York City It is present in Michelangelo 's sculpture of David : David's gaze and pose shows where he is seeing his adversary Goliath and his awareness of the moment — but it is rare in ancient art. This 8ft high sculpture was found on an island called Samothrace, north of the Aegean, and though beautifully carved, the artist is not known. It is considered one of the Louvre's greatest treasures, and since the late 19th century it has been displayed in the most dramatic fashion, at the head of the sweeping Daru staircase. A partial inscription on the base of the statue includes the word "Rhodios" Rhodian , indicating that the statue was commissioned to celebrate a naval victory by Rhodes , at that time the most powerful maritime state in the Aegean which in itself would date the statue to BC at the earliest.

It conveys many emotions as it stands tall and strong. The replica was a gift by French universities to the TU Berlin in From the origin of the grey Lartos marble, quarried on Rhodes for local manufacture, we can deduce that the Rhodians dedicated a victory monument to mark their contribution to the defeat of the Seleucid king Antiochus the Great in BCE.

Phyllis Williams Lehmann innow in a museum at the Samothrace site.

Art history nike of samothrace

This was also the first time that the Roman Republic engaged in warfare along the Eastern Mediterranean. Saint-Gaudens depicts Nike with her right arm raised while it is thought the original Nike was not making such gesture. It was discovered at a sanctuary in a harbor that faced the predominate wind.

It is certain that the winged goddess will continue to captivate viewers, just as she undoubtedly did when she was located in the mysterious sanctuary of the Great Gods.

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Comparing this to the way the Hellenistic period carved their people, they used a lot of motion and movement.

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