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Xian1 dai4 xie3 zuo4 xue2: kai1 tuo4 yu3 geng1 yun2 Modern writingology: Deploitation and tillage. Da4 xue2 ke1 ji4 xie3 zuo4 Scientific writing in universities.

Perspective on writing

Dian4 nao3 xie3 zuo4: fang1 fa3 yu3 ji4 qiao3 Computer writing: Methods and techniques. Pan, X. In this way, archaic ancient Chinese was mostly replaced by vernacular contemporary daily Chinese. It would appear that writing research is growing out of its adolescent phase, and is gaining an equal footing with research on reading. Ji1 chu3 xie3 zuo4 xue3 Basic writingology. The Cultural Revolution turned out to be a disaster for the whole nation. Attendees included writing researchers representing the full spectrum of writing development, from the communication of small children to the lifelong learning strategies of retirees.

Many people began caring about making money from writing. I am grateful to Charles Bazerman and Karen Lunsford, who encouraged me to write about this topic and have spent a lot of time reading all the drafts, making detailed comments and offering insightful suggestions.

In the next section, four chapters address the national, political, and historical contexts that shape educational institutions and the writing initiatives developed there.

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Xie3 zuo4 fang1 fa3: cong2 kai1 tou2 dao4 jie2 wei3 Writing methods: From beginning to the end. Xian4 dai4 xie3 zuo4 xue2 ji1 ben3 yuan3 li3 Basic principles of modern writingology. Reuter in the past 30 years. Wen2 xue2 chuang4 zuo4 lun4 Literary writing.

To change this situation, some great writers e. Apart from those on basic theories, countless publications appear on branch theories of practical writing, such as administrative literacy e.

The lower level covers theories on training e. Fuzhou: Fujian Renmin Press. The 5.

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Traditions of Writing Research