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And that might just be music to BMWs investors ears! Beginning, BMW has the option to try and expand the audience for their first series of short fill ms and try to increase the positives that it provided. Bloomberg Businessweek, pp. Karen Smalley, a prospective car buyer, agrees. In an overstated market, a positive perception is key. Perhaps a dual-targeted approach would work? Furthermore, because they have already taken this route they will be able to generate the second series with relative ease and have a lower cost than creating a feature film. Kerin, R. Yes, there are women who like James Bond, and yes, there are women who enjoy a good shoot em up filmbut they are definitely the minority. Firstly, one must consider all of the pros and cons to the options that BMW h as put forward to make an informed decisions on what the best course of action is. BMW owner are male, the same as our main competitor, but average age is lower compare to others chart4. Much of their current marketing material is pure genius, and could be retained to continue reaching their male customers; but a parallel marketing approach, focusing on memorable and comfortable car names, a vastly simplified car selection process, and promoting their products in female-dominated venues might permit them to entice the 60 percent of new car buyers into their showrooms.

Kerin, R. However, I do believe that there are some negatives to this approach. When we compare that demographic to data of people that watch BMW films we can see that viewer are younger and have lower median income this could be one of the opportunity of BMW. Doing this would allow BMW to maintain the Pearce option and attitudes that consumers have of them that they are a innovative brand, plus they will be able to maintain a halo effect with the positives of The Hire influencing the perception of the second series of film.

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New York: McGrawHill. And that might just be music to BMWs investors ears!

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Using numbers makes their products seem cold and lifeless. Mercedes are focus on classic prestige luxury and status, more comfortable and more conservative the same go for Lexus. Men and women shop very differently, explains Joe Brandt, a service manager at one of Best Buys newest stores. And what of BMWs simple, letter- and number-based model naming scheme? And while they may claim the numbering scheme is simple, its actually harder to remember than a good model name Smalley, A quick bit of math reveals that these choices present each web visitor with a staggering 2,,, unique vehicular combinations. However with stain g those two character traits BMW has created its own issue with targeting the segment the eye have younger generation that if they were to try and milk the original series or Cree ate more films, if full feature or not, that they need to stay unique and need to create something g new for those who are receptive to new products and marketing techniques. Lindstrom 2 Second, the authors identify that BMW has been successful as placing its vehicles in four different James Bond movies, and even hired a number of well-known action film directors to produce a series of short movies filled with gun fights, explosions, and chase scenes featuring BMW automobiles. Bloomberg Businessweek, pp. Co intriguing, the last route that BMW may be able to take is the least cost and easiest for them to complete, do nothing.

One problem facing BMW is the idea of copycat marketing ca meanings by competing auto manufacturers that mirror the campaign of BMW. You see this in our cars, and you see this in our marketing. In early BMW had a six month window with not one future products bee Eng launched an opportunity presented itself for BMW to launched a non tradition anal marketing campaign not focused on one individual product.

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Bmw Films Case Analysis