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The trouble was, Mr. Customers could view each product from every angle, zoom in and out and even use a virtual mannequin to try on outfits so they could see how the latest retro Puma sneaker or Fred Perry garment really looked. They became millionaires when they sold the company in Instantly, a ".

Hunched over the bar, trying to remain inconspicuous despite his lanky 6-footinch frame, Ernst Malmsten, the company's co-founder and chief executive, nursed a grapefruit and vodka as he surveyed his staff.

Lesson learned: Marketing should mainly tie into sales goals and support them.

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Hedelin, the chief financial officer, the board ousted him. Ms Leander now lives in Venice with her husband, raising their three children, while Mr Malmsten is maintaining a low profile at his new venture, Redgreenzebra Creative Management. The Boo. He and Ms. The effectiveness of an expensive ad campaign was limited since the website was not ready in time, resulting in curious visitors being greeted with a holding page. To help create the values of the Boo. Communicating the boo. So did a representative of the Benetton family. When the new site launched, it already had more than one million user reviews which had been collected from existing WRI travel sites. They drew up a plan to start a fashion e-tailer, selling urban chic clothing from the likes of DKNY, Vans and Fubu that was so cool it wasn't even cool yet. The stories of lavish corporate lifestyles and lack of proper management control that emerged when Boo went boom became a familiar theme as a host of so-called business-to-consumer or B2C sites and other online start-ups went to the wall in the months following the e-commerce site's demise. Morgan may not have been experienced in the dot-com world, but its name persuaded some other big names to sign up, too. The web site was tailored for individual countries using the local language and currency and also local prices.

It signaled the end of the investors' love affair with the fairy tale. The first publicly released version of the site included many large pages; the home page, for example, was several hundred kilobytes which meant that many users had to wait minutes for the site to load, as broadband technologies were not widely available at the time. clothing

The question was, could the company make it to the initial offering?

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