Cad lab manual

autocad lab manual for diploma civil engineering

A mechanical mouse consists of wheels placed orthogonally at the bottom of the mouse. Solid models are ideal for colour and animation projects. Menu: Tools - drafting setting In snap type keep isometric snap on.

cad cam lab manual for diploma mechanical engineering

UCS can be moved to a new place or rotated at its existing place in order to draw different features. The required videos are on the main page of the manual.

The following commands are used in setting the proper style: The Auto CAD drawings are typically drawn at full size. The electrical plan will be a part of the floor plan and demonstrates the positions of all of the light fixtures and electrical appliances such as refrigerators, light switches and wires connecting lights to switches.

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This command is mostly used to create holes Command: subtract press enter. Enter height of cone and press enter.

Autocad lab manual for diploma civil engineering

For a solid image any colour can be added, resulting picture become realistic. Now measure the distance of every arrayed line from axis line to the inclined line. All these devices can be grouped into three categories. Select object: pick objects to extrude press enter. Analyzing internal islands So an option is given to set snap distance. Extrude projects the initial sketch outward to create a model.

UNION: This command is used to combine two or more solid objects together forming one composite object, the overlapping area of objects removed while joining them to make a composite solid. Specify upper right corner Analyzing internal islands At the same time user should be able to modify graphics entities even of small details.

Cad lab 2 manual

Figure 1: Before and after of sketch when using Dimensions tool Create is the tab where the 3D model begins to take shape. Text placement, vertical, horizontal, offset form dimension line. While the modeling proceeds, save the work at regular intervals. Modify contains fillet which creates a curve from an edge or corner where you can choose the radius of the curve, this can allow for a load better distributed along a surface and increase structural support. The software parts consist of the computer graphics for the user interaction of the application program for design. Competition Specifications for Fusion The redesigned part must not contain more than double the volume of the original part. In the opening window, click ISO Part for creating a new part file. Symbols and arrows — on arrow size box — enter the value of 3 2. In order to run the tests, conditions need to be set on the model.
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CAD Lab Manual