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One must understand his own mistakes and admit to them before he can develop emotionally, while you do not need any self- analysis to develop physically. Throughout history people have created standards for what the perfect person should be like.

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Even something as mundane as cleaning the bathroom. What could be better, a woman with beautiful looks, and never talks back or argues with you Why chase something that you will never be able to capture? An obsession with perfection can be a productivity killer and have catastrophic consequences like frustration, depression, and dejection. According to Zen philosophy, by continuous learning and continuous improvement one learns to do better what one already does well. As a solitary alchemist, and with approval from his now insecure wife, Aylmer begins to construct a special draught to rid his love, Georgiana, of the blemish, making her an entire work of perfection. The weather can still be considered clear despite the usual showers around this time of the year. For instance, when I draw or create artwork, it has to be perfect down to the last pencil, pen, crayon, paint, or charcoal mark. These attempts at perfection give us a goal, motivation, direction and drive. The nearly three point three million people suffering from OCD in the United States can tell you their countless stories of sleepless nights of making sure their alarm clock is set correctly ten… Words - Pages 4 Persuit of Perfection Essay The Pursuit of Perfection The vast night sky is neither too dim nor too dark since the glistening moon was hanged low on the endless horizon above. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it that those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable. We were anxious because we had been expecting a phone call from the Georgia Baseball Association so they could notify us if we had made it to the World Series.

These are the things which allow us to move forward despite all odds and in the face of any obstacles. You should decide when to stop as you are the one who should decide how excellent you should be. An obsession with perfection can be a productivity killer and have catastrophic consequences like frustration, depression, and dejection.

During the time the constitution was written, the American dream was to be a free country and a strong one. For me, the journey would be about organization and achieving as clean and tidy a bathroom as is possible.

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In the film Section 9 is chasing an advanced hacker "The American Dream" And It's Troubles words - 8 pages union," is the key part of this passage.

Most of us strive for perfection in appearances--it may be our own personal appearance defined by the perfect clothes and the perfect look, the perfect home we live in, or the perfect car we absolutely must have.

This ease and grace is the product of thousands of hours of practice.

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Everyone who wants to be successful should know when to stop trying. Observe successful people in your profession and find out what makes them successful.

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Essay on Perfection