Comparing locke and hobbes

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However, while both speak of the dangers of a state of nature, Hobbes is more pessimistic, whereas Locke speaks of the potential benefits.

This is the right to revolt and establish a government which honors natural laws and human rights Deutsch, p.

Does locke sufficiently refute the claims and arguments put forth by hobbes?

There are two things he would be opposed to in the Constitution however. Rights Men have rights by their nature You conceded your rights to the government, in return for your life Role of the State The only important role of the state is to ensure that justice is seen to be done Whatever the state does is just by definition. Even though, in some places and times, violent conflicts could arise, they could mostly be resolved in a peaceful manner. That while there are some who are stronger than others, the weak are capable of forming confederacies to kill the stronger and so be strong themselves Hobbes, p. This is why Hitler thought that declaring war on America was merely a meaningless trivial symbol. First, for Hobbes, the nature of nature is perpetually in a state of war. This equality is not based of alliances, physical or mental prowess but rather on the fact that we are, in a sense, children of a god. Common Ground A commonality that both Hobbes and Locke hold is the necessity of government which is again contrasted by the means of recourse said government's citizens have when the government has become abusive to their rights. However, they are both completely different in terms of their stand and conclusions in several laws of nature.

These three gaps lead men to leave the state of nature to protect and maintain their property. The two philosophers had different educational backgrounds. In both cases, there has to be a choice of forming alliances and creating or joining societies.

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By contrast, while Locke does speak of states of war as well, for him they are a subset of the state of nature, and not the entire equation.

Second, because Locke advises that the legislative branch or law making and the executive branch or law enforcing be separated so as to prevent abuses and a sense of being above these laws Deutsch, p.

This does not seem to be fair to wolves or men.

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When governments fail in that task, citizens have the right—and sometimes the duty—to withdraw their support and even to rebel.

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Locke and Hobbes