Comparison and contrast between blake and wordsworth s vie

The feeling he depicts is one of depression. I shall begin by analysing the poems and looking for three similarities and differences, which will make me decide my final conclusion.

Comparison and contrast between blake and wordsworth s vie

Romantics of all arts criticized the changing ways of life and idealized the pre-industrial revolution era. This is the complete opposite of the modern London he lived in now where people were miserable and did not revere the teachings of purity or God.

He studied at St.

comparing blake and wordsworth poems

The first poem that I have decided to focus is on The two poems present conflicting views of creation and mankind. In both poems, Blake and Wordsworth shared the idea that London …show more content… He perceived this London as a pure uncorrupted land.

London was the haven to this revolution, and the hell to all poetry.

This period was not so-called until the mid 19th century when readers began to see six different poets as part of the same movement. William Wordsworth was born in and died in Many would argue that since he didn't look deeper into London and see the downside of the city life, that his poem Poets traditionally studied pastoral images because cities had not evolved into the important place which they have now. The two poets have totally different views of this river, Blake's' as a negative man made feature that has had its course mapped out for it, whereas Wordsworth sees it as a positive feature of nature, smooth and flowing, with no human corruption. In romanticism poetry came new concepts, like the use of imagination, nature, and symbolism. While Blake has chosen a depressing negative semantic field in How do the three poems differ in their treatment of the theme of poverty. Then he published a collection of poems called Songs of Experience, which was published in There are many contrast between the two poems but perhaps the most obvious one is the form of the poems, "London" is formed in four neat stanzas, whereas Wordsworth presents his in his usual way of a sonnet, where there is a shift of focus in line 9 where he goes from describing what he sees to comparing London with the country side, however Blake's shifts the focus a little in each stanza. Even his readers in his time found that the wording and spelling of phrases and words was quaint.

William Blake uses satire in most of his work to criticize the corrupting influence of religion on imagination. The main contrasts in the two poems that relate to each other are in fact the sentences about the river Thames that Blake and Wordsworth use, Blake describes it as '.

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Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth's