Comparison of book and movie of rizal life

Some misunderstanding happened between the members of the organization and Rizal went back to the Philippines to face the Spaniards.

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Jose P. And of course, like any other young man, he fell in love and got married to an Irish-American who came from Hong Kong to Dapitan, Josephine Bracken, who asked for help to cure her blind father. Jose V. Jose will write and do everything in his power to bring to the attention of the world the abuses of Spanish power in the Philippines, while Paciano will protect the Rizal family at home and keep up the struggle against Spanish rule.

With the use of the written novels of Rizal Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismothe Filipinos have awaken to the abusive ways and discrimination of Spaniards towards Filipinos.

Comparison of book and movie of rizal life

Rizal believed that education is important, but what matters most is how you have learned the things in your life. This was the Filipino movie I have been waiting for, for a long time.

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In the other scene a Catholic priest beats a child for alleged stealing. The opening few scenes depict some episodes from Rizal's novels. The scene is violent. This is a plan hatched by his brother Paciano. With impeccable production values and a truly great performance by the lead actor, Cesar Montano, "Jose Rizal" is the equal of anything that Hollywood can produce and better than most of the crap that Hollywood routinely puts out on the street. These women might have been beguiled by his intelligence, charm and wit. But as he is shot full of bullets he manages to turn as he falls so that he lands facing the sky. Any idiot reading Philippine history will know that the Manila uprising of Andres Bonifacio Versosa was roundly defeated after the debacle of Pinaglabanan. Instead we are shown this hokey scene of a bumbling Spanish column being ambushed by Filipinos, men and women who leap on to their foes and beat them with their fists. For me, he is an inspiration that always reminds and stimulates our sense of compassion to our compatriots and country. Pages 2 Comparison of the two movies: Jose Rizal and Rizal sa Dapitan Jose Rizal is a three-hour epic on the life and struggles of poet and patriot Jose Rizal, the national hero and martyr of the Philippines, played by Cesar Montano. Considering that the Philippines is a Catholic nation that is like butchering a sacred cow but alas, Abaya works her magic in depicting the suffering of the Filipinos because of the friars.

After watching it once in the cinema, I just had to buy the DVD! It takes a critical mind to understand what is implied and given stress in the movie.

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In the other scene a Catholic priest beats a child for alleged stealing. I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride when watching certain parts. It is simple in a way that he lives like an ordinary people and prolific because when he was there, his time was not wasted and made a lot of contribution not only to the place but also to the people.

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As a result, the tyrant Spaniards, specifically the arrogant and immoral friars have met their final destiny. He had fought for our freedom till his last breath. He is also a pure Filipino in mind and experienced suffering in the hands of the Spaniards. Strong stuff, and it made me wonder how the Catholic Church could possibly retain any power in the country, if this is what the national hero thought about it. The reforms Rizal advocated Another disturbing scene to me is the appearance of the characters of Simoun from his novel El Filibusterismo in the last night of Jose Rizal. Dominican Friars symbolizes justice and should be followed. There are too many flashbacks. He refuse to admit that he knows anything about the revolution and the colonel accused him as a traitor, just like Fr. Was it beyond his will, or did he want it to happen? It was these literary works that caused the ire of the government and clergy, and they later arrested, incarcerated and executed Rizal. Noong ika ng Marso, tumanggap siya ng katibayang Bachiler en Artes at notang Sobrasaliente kalakip ang pinakamataas na karangalan. Was this review helpful?

I must tell you that my wife was crying like a baby during this scene and she's seen the movie twice. Wherever he goes, from Calamba to Manila to Madrid, Hongkong, even in Dapitan, he always thought of the welfare of his countrymen and never stopped to write and communicate to plan the freedom of his country.

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The movie tells the life story of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. Filipino students start fighting Spanish students after Jose starts raising the issue of Filipino independence. His utter dedication to the role, his sheer screen presence brought the character we only read about in history books to vivid life. There is a hearsay that our National Hero was really a womanizer but you would not want to know that your hero actually was a very kinky man. The retreating Katipunero rebels were shot down by Spanish snipers as they fled. The movie introduces us to the life of subjugation of the Filipino people under the rule of the Spanish friars. Rizal went to Europe to study medicine and do whatever is necessary to help liberate the people, as requested by Paciano. Jose P. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. These flashbacks confused me once in a while and sometimes I am already confused if the scenes are still in Spain or in the Philippines. We are also thrown into the world of Rizal's novels filmed in black and white , so we get a glimpse of how he viewed Filipino society under the Spanish heal. It was a show of love to humanity where compassion is all about.
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