Curlys wife of mice and men

Lennie is fascinated by her and cannot take his eyes off her. Her dreams make her more human and vulnerable.

crooks of mice and men

She's a tease, leading guys on to make herself feel better. To her, dressing up and flaunting her stuff was a symbol of status, something to set her apart from the rest of the lower class, which, even today, is not much different.

curleys wife death

Well, no one ever accused Steinbeck of being a feminist. She is defined by her role: Curley's wife or possession. Click the character infographic to download.

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Steinbeck 's initial portrayal of Curley's wife shows her to be a mean and seductive temptress. When she wanders across some of the men, she says "what am I doin'?

Curlys wife of mice and men

She is utterly alone on the ranch, and her husband has seen to it that no one will talk to her without fearing a beating. Poor Little Not-So-Rich Girl But we're tender-hearted here at Shmoop headquarters, and we can't help feeling a wee bit bad for this poor girl. As the only woman on the ranch, her life is lonely, and Curley isn't much company: he'd rather talk about himself than anything else. Curley's wife's obsession with herself ultimately leads to her death. Click the character infographic to download. Although generally she was thought of as a floozy, her talk with Lennie revealed that she was used to the high life. She also talks a lot well, twice about how she could " of went with shows. When fashion trends change by the minute, it is generally thought that everything from wealth to sophistication is shown when someone is able to keep up with them Appendix A. Now her rouged cheeks and her reddened lips made her seem alive and sleeping very lightly. She stood out by the fact that she was the only woman on the ranch, she was the only one who dressed to impress, and she was the only person without a full name. She brings evil into mens' lives by tempting them in a way they cannot resist. It's not a coincidence that that she ends up dying because she didn't want Lennie to mess up her hair: look, and even touch if you want—but don't get too comfortable.
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