Driving age in florida should be raise to eighteen essay

And learning to drive is one of the very first steps into adulthood. When teenagers allowed to have their freedom to travel with supervision, letting them drive gives them more thought to responsibility. Themes: why it comes to 18 years old?

The a few survivors experience a life full of traumas or they are troubled by the physical disabilities. Once someone is seventy or eighty years old there body naturally is not as responsive or as attentive as it once was when they were younger.

Younger drivers, as well as old ones, can cause many life-threatening accidents; therefore, raising the minimum driving age could significantly reduce the number of accidents.

thesis statement for raising the driving age to 18

My parents were having doubts about driving to my uncles house in Garden Grove due to the weather, but nothing was going to stop them from seeing the people that we love because my parents have not seen most of our family in ages. This is not quite different in the state of Florida where woes of accidents are in many families.

The percentage of teenage accidents involving automobiles is on a constant rise. Children preparation are depicted spliting the adjustment ability of most of the preparation colleges and this is aroused from their involvement to acquire indulged in the racing athleticss.

Underaged drinking also increases the risk for crime, health problems, and death.

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Should the driving age be raised to 18 essay