Essay on importance of moral education in school curriculum

Schools have a moral ethos embodied in rules, rewards and punishments, dress codes, honor codes, student government, relationships, styles of teaching, extracurricular emphases, art, and in the kinds of respect accorded students and teachers.

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We might consider two of the most influential of these approaches briefly. Along the years, many have argued whether or not sex education should be taught in schools.

Need and importance of moral education in physical education

No individual can become a great man without character. Shows responsibility in doing homework. If they are to live well as adults, and fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them, they must take on the way of life of an adult and the corresponding moral behavior. In teaching history we initiate students into particular cultural traditions and identities. Now moral education is not included in any syllabus whether of science or humanities. There is no sphere of public administration where this evil does not rule supreme. The thought of one day leaving home may be entertained from time to time. In many areas, especially those having to do with moral development at an age level, we may have less knowledge and skill than our students, even though custom and politics assign us the role of teacher. If they can see the necessity of schooling partly in job terms it helps them to go along with its more difficult aspects. Well chalked out plans and strategies for making our education value oriented still remain on paper. Because of increased independence and heightened social interest, students of this age are concerned about the community setting: happenings at the local mall, movie theaters nearby, neighborhood youth centers, the local police station, racial, religious, and class conflicts take on a personal meaning, since they may now have to respond on their own initiative although often with peer group support. One can, of course, always live better as an adolescent.

If students are to be morally educated—and educated about morality—they must have some understanding of the moral frameworks civilization provides for making sense of the moral dimension of life. This excessive urge for materialistic gains has made him ignore the spiritual and moral aspects of his life.

Essay on importance of moral education in school curriculum

There is no sphere of public administration where this evil does not rule supreme. In this modern day and age with rising uncertainty and crime rate, a serious contemplation is required over the kind of education and values being instilled into children and teens.

The overall shape of the curriculum is morally loaded by virtue of what it requires, what it makes available as electives, and what it ignores.

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It is essential in everyday life to know the dangers involving sex and the diseases associated with it.

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The need for Moral Education