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Example: Although the study emulates some of the scientific methods used in previous research, it also offers some inventive new research methods. This may sound intimidating, but unless you're a linguist, you'll probably never even notice you're using them! Example: This negates previous findings that say that sulphur in wine gives people headaches. Diminishes Definition: to reduce or be reduced in size or importance. Identifies Definition: to recognize a problem, need, fact, etc. Example: I personally feel that the study overlooks something very important: the participants might have answered some of the questions incorrectly. Here is an example of verbs at work: The dog will run to his owner and play in the park.

Smith incorporates research findings from 15 other studies in her well-researched paper. Future: I will drink.

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Smith, highlights the need for further studies on the possible causes of cancer among farm workers. Example: This new data confirms the hypothesis many researchers had. Foreshadows Definition: to act as a warning or sign of a future event.

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Parallels Definition: to happen at the same time as something else, or be similar or equal to something else. But as with everything English, it can't possibly be that easy, can it? Displays Definition: to show.

Essay verb

Facilitates Definition: to make something possible or easier. Outlines Definition: a description of the main facts about something. Example: Experts agree that coffee affects the body in ways we have not yet studied.

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The three tenses that are most commonly referred to are present, past, and future: Present: I drink. Example: The study models a similar one from , which needed to be redone with modern equipment. Equates Definition: to consider one thing to be the same as or equal to another thing. Generates Definition: to cause something to exist. Example: Experts agree that coffee affects the body in ways we have not yet studied. Evokes Definition: to make someone remember something or feel an emotion. Establishes Definition: to discover or get proof of something. Example: Two teams of scientists formulated the research methods for the study. Both "run" and "play" are verbs, as they are things that the dog is doing. Clarifies Definition: to make something clear or easier to understand by giving more details or a simpler explanation. Example: The study neglects to mention another study in that had very different findings.
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