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However, this is nonsense. Consider the risks of different courses of action. To request an extension, contact your Year Tutor if you have one or your Programme Director as soon as you can. The penalty collar will not apply to second or third attempts, for which a mark capped at the pass mark is formally recorded. Up to 6 marks are available for evaluating your investigation. Is it the sort of thing that, if known, would be expected to arouse concern among the faculty? Reliability: repeatable and consistent. The 5-working day submission window will therefore continue to run after the last day of a term. So what I'm curious about is, is this a reasonable approach to evaluating coursework requirements? All work submitted via a hard copy to the Coursework Office should include a cover sheet available to you via MyAstonPortal. When you report what other people have said, say what scientific evidence they had from experiments, surveys etc. By that I mean, how do departments decide if they are requiring too many classes, not enough classes, not the right classes, etc.? Students may submit work up to 5 working days after the formal assessment deadline, but the work will be subject to a penalty.

However, this is nonsense. This page also contains the application forms themselves for download.

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Present your study Make sure your report is laid out clearly in a sensible order. I'm especially interested in evaluation of what courses should be required, but I'm also interested in how that interacts with the overall course offerings of the department e. For example, you can measure the length of a wire to the nearest centimetre.

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I'm interested particularly in coursework requirements for grad programs, but would be interested in relevant comparisons with undergrad programs as well. There will be a penalty collar at first attempt or any uncapped attemptin that the final mark for the component of assessment after penalty has been imposed will not fall below the pass mark for that component.

The 5-working day submission window will therefore continue to run after the last day of a term.

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Say why you chose these sources and how you decided whether they are reliable.

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