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Crossing the quality chasm: A new health system for the 21st century. In particular, practitioners may have concerns that many interventions are tested on very homogenous samples and therefore may not represent the complex co-occurring conditions or cultural and community contexts of many of the clients with whom social workers work.

Social workers must strive toward social progress in these categories by relying on evidence-based methods. Autoethnography: creating new spaces for research generation An additional, and alternative, research methodology can be found in an autoethnographical approach.

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The guide can be used by stakeholders throughout the behavioral health field to promote awareness of current intervention research and to increase the implementation and availability of evidence-based practices. Jobs Live Inform What is evidence-based practice?

Social Solutions Case ManagementEvidenced Base Case ManagementSocial ServicesSocial Work Case Management Due to vast technological advances, our ability as social service providers to collect and assess evidence has improved dramatically throughout the late 20th and early 21st century.

Campbell Collaboration is an international, nonprofit organization that reviews the effectiveness of behavioral, social, and psychological interventions in the fields of social welfare, criminal justice, and education.

The purpose is to make research evidence available to those who want to make group work demonstrably more effective and beneficial to participants.

National Alliance of Multi-Ethnic Behavioral Health Associations NAMBHA promotes the behavioral well-being and full potential of people of color and to eliminate disparities in behavioral health services and treatment.

Differentiating from the evidence-based practice process described above, one definition of an evidence-based treatment is any practice that has been established as effective through scientific research according to a set of explicit criteria Drake et al.

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