Health information exchange

Health Affairs, 31, no.

structure and types of health information exchange

Learn more about the technology supporting query-based exchange. The following examples both patient-specific and non-patient-specific can be facilitated by HIE service providers. Learn more about the technology supporting directed exchange. InCliniSync enabled practices and other authorized users to look up and find query and retrieve a longitudinal Community Health Record on a patient that gives clinician a full picture of a patients health, including recent visits to various hospitals hospital, allergies, tests and reports, care summaries and other useful information.

Patient consent - Where consent is not governed by other laws or regulations, a health information exchange-based centralized consent management process can enable consensus among the community's stakeholders for a patient consent model.

Depending on the services needed, some providers may need to connect to multiple HIEs, as some HIE solutions may provide only basic services. These are becoming common as various combinations of available services are implemented.

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Health Information Exchange Summary