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Despite the ongoing rise of strong competitors entering the markets, Apple continues to dominate markets in which it competes in many ways — how? Will a new entrant be able to get to critical mass on the driver side to provide a comparable value proposition e.

Inspired by a multi-touch display in earlySteve Jobs introduced the first iPhone Ritchie, b. The bargaining position of suppliers is weakened by the high number of potential suppliers for Apple and the ample amount of supply.

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Threat of substitutes. This force is the major determinant on how competitive and profitable an industry is.

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Though this framework is generic and applicable to any industry, it is only effective if it is used in a specific context that applies directly to the company undertaking the evaluation. Five Forces Analysis of Apple Inc. Apple can hardly do anything to mitigate this threat except to bring more products with great features. Buyers tend to have power over an industry if they are important to the company, this may be if the industry is such that buyers either buy in bulk, or can easily switch to another supplier. To establish the business requires fighting against the existing firms in the market like Apple and this needs capitalization. Apple does not have much control over the raw material or distribution channels. A supplier may also be the only provider of a certain raw material. In this paper I will outline what has led to Apple Inc.

These competitive forces can be affected or exploited to increase profitability. Five external industry forces affecting an organization.

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Porter Five Forces Analysis of Apple