James marshall hendrix a genius taken away too soon

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All hell was breaking loose in the city; they were tearing New Jersey apart and Harlem was blowing up. But nothing can be predictive — it is speed-forward analogue, a non-repetitive wave form, and that is the definition of pure music and therefore the diametric opposite of digital.

It worked. We knew The Who were going to be a tough act to follow. The strange atmosphere added to the climactic moment, after the Who and others: the one set, at 2am on the Monday, for which it was imperative to get down from among the crowds on Desolation Row and force a way right to the front and concentrate or, rather, submit to hypnosis.

Leslie West: I know exactly where I was when Jimi died.

Mick Brigden musician : One fabulous night Leslie brought Jimi up to our rehearsal studio. It would be released on December 1. In the end Zoot had a left-handed acoustic guitar which is what they went off with. I literally passed the hat in the club to get some money for them. As luck would have it, we were managed by the same people. Jimi asked twice more if he could play bass, and the guy said no. Here, there were a lot of white guys listening to blues from America and wanting to sound like their heroes. After one of the shows, I remember being in a hotel room with Jimi, Peter Tork and Steve Stills was there and a bunch of guitars. My older brothers wanted the Jimi Hendrix Experience to perform, and they asked him. He had a fantastic reputation as a womaniser. But that was his best music ever — played for its own sake. Other than that, he would have been at the Yankee Stadium show.

Opinion varies only over the effect his music has on people: elation, fear, sexual stimulation, sublimation, disgust — all or none of these — but always drop-jawed amazement. He was actually a brilliant songwriter and a great singer, and had something to say. Ironically, I showed up just as he was coming off the stage.

They used to congregate around Jimi like flies.

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I was just freaking out. The set by Jimi Hendrix.

The high point was the moment he launched into The Star-Spangled Banner solo on electric guitar.

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Jimi Hendrix: the life and times of a genius