Media habits of rural people in india

digital content consumption in india 2018

While we are a nation of many cities, media consumption in rural areas is much lower, unlike many other consumption categories. For those specifically targeting woman consumers, TV reaches million women in rural India, while current digital rural penetration stands at a mere 15 million women.

media consumption in rural india

Further, as the industry matures into the digital age, improved monetization and measurement will help in the industry gaining a fair value for the vast platform it provides, and enable it to invest in new content and talent. As literacy takes root across the country, print will retain its space even as regional print grows.

Customized Content Creates Demand A drastic shift across the board is needed to drive up current media consumption levels, to match global benchmarks.

In the five years between andIndians who preferred consuming media in their own language rose from 42 million to million.

Media habits of rural people in india

This year, distributors will look to innovate the way they create, bundle, and disseminate that content, while exploring new revenue models.

Television still has the deepest penetration throughout India. India and Its New Media Consumption Habit By: Alok Jha, Managing Director, CyberPlat India The manner in which we consume news and entertainment has transformed radically over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for traditional broadcasters.

This disparate pattern of media consumption leads us to ask whether the creation of micro-clusters to target content could unlock growth. However, Internet connectivity, especially on mobile phones, can overcome this challenge to help catapult rural consumption to urban levels and beyond.

With better phone features, 3G and 4G penetration, reduced rates of data packs, the digital reach will increase in rural India as well. This phenomenon, in no small measure, is because of affordable mobile data plans called Jio, offered by the mobile network operator Reliance.

India is rapidly moving away from consuming content through traditional media — like television and radio, and gravitating towards digital media — including their smart phones, web channels and even paid streaming and on-demand OTT — Over The Top outlets.

Media consumption in india

Here are some interesting numbers that tell a story. Radio, though small in numbers, has a very loyal audience, especially in its FM phase with various radio jockeys commanding a huge fan following. Sensing that it is the lack of connectivity in the rural areas that could be the reason for this skewed proportions, the Government now plans to provide 1 GBPS gigabyte per second connectivity by the year to all Gram Panchayats village-level administrative units , and increase it to 10 GBPS by the year An interesting sidelight to media consumption through mobile is the fact that online media consumption is now increasing in regional languages in India. Digital India currently resides more in urban India with million users, with nearly half of that number in rural India at million. Spending per month by users on digital media especially entertainment is expected to grow by 2. Radio came second, in The vision of the industry to grow into a crore entity in a decade is a bold one, but the direction discussed above, make it an aspirational one. Competition, at that point, turned the television into being more diverse, engaging and entertaining with new show formats, colourful new anchors and literally, a whole new world of entertainment. The post-GST phase is likely to bring cheer to various quarters in the industry. Electricity shortages have partly been responsible for low media consumption in some pockets of rural India, historically. The medium to watch out for, though, is the new kid in the block: digital.

But which medium is the one with the widest reach today?

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Media penetration: A sneak into households