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These different strategies are evident in response time RT patterns, such as overall faster performance with a holistic strategy, and greater increase in RT as a function of the angular difference with a piecemeal strategy. By suggesting that analog representations have an important role to play in thinking, the findings also raised prima facie difficulties though not necessarily insurmountable ones for the digital computer model of the mind that lay at the heart of the newly emerging field of cognitive science Block, a.

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The grand average of RT increased almost linearly with the angular disparity. To more easily associate the results with the content of each trial, create a response sheet that includes the trial number, number tag in the order of presentation, response given, and response time. Full size image Processes and strategies in mental rotation In mental-rotation tasks, subjects probably begin with searching on one-side pair, in which subjects have a high probability of searching on the right-side pair figure in the LFRR strategy and on the left-side pair figure in the RFLR strategy.

In other words, perceptually encoding and searching the features of a stimulus required less cognitive-processing resources of the human brain.

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Males and females were asked to execute a mental rotation task, and their brain activity was recorded with an fMRI. Use the Helvetica Light font for this experiment. Stimulus pairs consisted of two whole or two cut figures Fig. During each trial, participants are presented with one of the four manipulated characters and then asked to decide from two possible choices which one is the rotated version of the original item as quickly and accurately as possible. Then they showed them a picture of a "1" rotated and its mirror image. The 6-state HMM achieved a classification accuracy of However, Shepard and Metzler 46 also found that rotation was accomplished in a piecemeal fashion when subjects compared one rotated three-dimensional object with another. Average the response time column to get a sense of the overall response times. Computer Specific Details If you are using a computer, press the n-key to start a trial, then move your right index finger over to the m-key. Thus, a frame should impede performance.

The eye tracker was calibrated before the experiments using a set of 9 calibration points shown one at a time. The classification accuracies of any two classifiers among the three classifiers were all significant Logistic vs.

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In Experiment 2 , we further investigated the rotation performance on reference frame use, introducing a circular frame in addition to no frame and the rectangular frame. Having a frame seemed to impede overall rotation, especially for cut figures, supporting an object-based reference frame. All subjects reported their scores as 4 or 5, which we considered meeting the experimental requirements, at least in the subjective domain. Mental rotation in those subjects who were instructed to perform alternative strategies that were unnatural or unfamiliar to them might have utilized different cognitive processes, which was not taken into consideration in our study. For example, when learning a new environment, one person may seek out a map while another may prefer to explore or get a verbal description. Reference Figure 2 to see the full set of stimuli used for this experiment. Moreover, our experimental setup differed from that of traditional methods used to study mental rotation, where controlled experiments are designed to observe changes in eye movements e. Right-side-fixed left-side-rotated RFLR : In experimental session 3, the instructions were the opposite of session 2, in which the subjects mentally rotated the left-side figure into alignment with the right-side figure.
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