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Since FOCUS has the necessary characteristics to satisfy present and future needs of the customers, we consider the product to be successful in the market of healthy drinks, in order to analyze and outline the future of the brand. Customer Segmentation Market segmentation is vital to the success of FOCUS, as the demands of potential consumers must be analyzed in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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The second objective for FOCUS is to be in available where our target group routinely shops, which consist of supermarkets in mass distribution channels.

FOCUS can be an alternative to coffee and high caffeinated products for students and workers; while also being a substitute for energy drinks, tea, sodas, juice, and water.

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FOCUS will be put into urban supermarkets and convenient stores, as well as sold to large corporations for vending purposes. In the s and s, Nikon came up with the Rangefinder series. This will give consumers a healthy product that will assist in concentration and performance within their given environment. Nikon prices its products competitively keeping in mind the prices of competitors like Canon, Sony, Fujifilm. FOCUS will be available providing them the energy and stamina that needed to excel through the workday. Later on there will also be a link to an online shop, allowing us to deliver directly to individuals. FOCUS will meet these requirements set forth by young performers. The presented marketing plan will therefore be analysed based on certain strategic deliberations. Marketing-Mix 5. The following segments will group customers that have equal needs and behavior while supplying them a product to suit these requirements. This type of individual is new to the workforce, which results in a high level of motivation.

Standard 2. The cameras are available at online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba. FOCUS is at the forefront of this market as it meets this demand with healthy, sustainable ingredients.

As shown in this report by MarketLine, a UK-based research company, entering the market with the same strategy as the incumbents appears to be highly difficult and would require a lot of financial involvement.

The US market is also the only one in which energy drinks actually are able to compete with coffee sales. While the US energy drink market is growing while spreading health concerns, introducing a niche market product appears to be most beneficial.

It was launched by Nikon under its own brand name in This is certainly the case as the targeted group of customers is able to acquire a product that is perfectly suited to their needs while we as the selling company are able to create new demand most likely earning high profits in the process.

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