Preventing testing anxiety

Budget your time according to the point value of each question or section. Get plenty of sleep.

How to overcome test anxiety for math

Such clues can help you link information together for easier recall. Tutors: For a student to become a tutor, they have to show that they are successful in their subject area and that they can help others develop study habits. And what can you do to calm your nerves? Learn what works for you, and follow the same steps each time you get ready to take a test. Join a study group. Don't waste time on 1-pointers if you know the point answers! Instead, follow this routine to give yourself the best chance at learning all the material well: Ask friends who study regularly for advice. Answer From Craig N. If you don't know the exact answer, make your best guess. Cramming for a test or exam will only increase your anxiety. The day of a test, be sure to eat an adequate breakfast and avoid excess caffeine, as this will only contribute to anxiety. If you are aware that you have a problem with test anxiety, be sure your teacher or instructor knows before any testing begins and not the hour before! So why is this? Do not pick up your pen or pencil until you've skimmed the entire test to get a feel for what it contains. Remember to take your time but check your watch to pace yourself.

Watch out for words such as "All," "Only," "Never," and "Always. Meanwhile, the clock ticks faster and faster. It can improve cognitive function as well.

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Don't fall into this trap! We help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades, better test scores, and stronger college applications.

Preventing testing anxiety

See a professional counselor, if necessary.

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5 Strategies That Make Test Anxiety Irrelevant (Even for Final Exams)