Report writing animals lesson plans

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Help your students understand the needs and interests of their audience, thinking of ways they can choose to present their findings effectively. Encourage students to find a photograph they like to print out and include on their writing piece as well as draw an illustration of their animal. When everyone has their list of clues typed in large print on 9 X 5 inch sheets of computer paper, assemble the riddles: Each student chooses a 9 X 12 inch of colored construction paper and folds it in half in a hamburger fold 9 X 6. Support: Write sentence frames to guide students in creating each section of their book. Use adult volunteers to help students type in their findings using the Animal Inquiry student interactive. Related learning resources. Ask students to compare and contrast this type of fictional book about animals with the nonfiction books from recent reading workshop sessions. You need to see what several good sources say and record details that most sources agree upon as the answer to a question. On an Internet-connected computer with an LCD projector, lead students through a demonstration of the Animal Inquiry student interactive. Guided Practice 10 minutes Now tell students that they will use their research to create an informational book about their animal.

Take picture walks through a sample of the books you have collected. Practice writing riddles as a group.

report writing animals lesson plans

It eats grass in the pasture when the weather is nice, but lives in the barn and eats grain and hay in the winter. Record their observations on a Venn Diagram including the following characteristics and any others they note: True versus make-believe Facts versus fiction stories Photographs and sketches versus drawings, collage, and paintings Working as a whole group, decide on the questions students want to explore to learn more about real animals.

Ask students if there are any questions they want to add now that they have selected a specific animal, or any questions that they want to eliminate or change.

lesson plan for report writing

Your students are therefore going to learn about them and share what they learn by writing a book. After looking at the riddles, guests can come into the classroom and hear the students tell about their animals, show their journals, and show their clay representation and any other artifacts they have collected about their animals.

You might leave those questions for a later time or you might have to find other sources.

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As students complete their presentations, ask them to reflect on what they have accomplished and to celebrate the following aspects of their investigation: the process they went through: posing questions. Complete the sentence stem by filling in an example animal. Make a graph of the votes, and select the animal with the most votes as that which the class will investigate together. It needs shots and goes to the vet when it is sick. This can be combined with the animal journals and clay reproductions. Surround the riddles with the art productions, but do not put the riddles beside their matching art. After their planning worksheet is complete, students can move onto planning and writing the words in their books.

Sources are not equally reliable.

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