Road transport in nepal essay

why are rivers of nepal not suitable for transportation give reasons

In spite of these problems some roads have been built. Without making tunnels, we cannot make a road through these mountains. It is because most part of Nepal are full of rugged mountains and valleys.

Road transport in nepal essay

However, accident happen there, too. Some of them run on the road, some sail on water and some fly in the sky. The following is the list of factors responsible for hindering the development of transport in our country: lack of knowledge on geographical features. They must go and come back home, and for this the only means is transport. Some foreign country. Railways Rail A train journey is cheaper than a plane journey. He has social relations with other people who live far from him.

Some other roads are also available here. Share this:.

write any three problems and solutions of transportation development in nepal

There are two main reasons for it -physical feature and economic backwardness of the country. It become very poor and needs to much improvements.

essay on importance of transportation

It facilitated the people traveling in vehicles and pedestrian time expense. We need to import goods. Building roads in such places is very difficult. Home Importance of Road Transportation in Nepal " Importance of Road Transportation in Nepal " Wednesday, February 28, in Importance of Road Transportation in Nepal published on February 28, 7 comments " Importance of Road Transportation in Nepal " Transportation means the way of traveling from one place to another place through different routes like air ways, rail ways, rope ways, water transport and road transport.

Give suggestions for transportation development in nepal

I would complete the task of east- west highway from the middle part of our country. S from Hetaudo to Kathamndu. But Nepal is still poor in transport. In the mountain and puel area it is difficult to develop the road way because most part of Nepal is full of rugged rocks and mountain. It is very important both in our daily life and in the process of national development. Foreign grants would be sought and utilized properly. Industries cannot run smoothly. In present in Nepal there are both domestic and international air service.
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Transportation in Nepal : Roadways, Airways, Railways, Waterways, Ropeways