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While they, too, have suffered discrimination, their unusually tight familial organization has apparently insulated them from the usual delinquent patterns. As the social status of women approaches that of men and women gain greater freedom to participate in the affairs of the larger society, socialization patterns in the family and other institutions change and more girls come to the attention of the courts.

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New York: Lippincott. This legislation created a new kind of machinery, outside the criminal law , for handling juvenile offenders. The earliest known code of laws the Code of Hammurabi took specific note of the duties of children to parents and prescribed punishments for violations. A juvenile delinquent is created when one of these juveniles display disruptive behavior that is beyond parents control and or violates the law. This perspective, of course, is not limited to delinquency. Thus, the United States, as the most economically advanced nation, leads all other countries in the commission of crimes by juveniles. As such, mew measures need to be implemented to help these families in crisis. And some of these youngsters, who have not been legally designated as delinquent, are defined as delinquent by others significant to the community and to themselves. The gang and these arrangements with adults are characteristic organizational features of criminal subcultures, in contrast with the networks of gangs making up conflict subcultures. For a variety of reasons, the stability of the family also seems to decline. The socially inhibited have a limited social network and experience no loneliness.

Goddard initiated research on the intelligence of delinquents Goddardand his original endeavors stimulated hundreds of similar studies. He reported that these studies found that from 50 per cent to 20 per cent of delinquents were feeble-minded.

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However the tendency of characteristics has varied across the ages and social change. Many factors account for this. On the basis of reports from several Western countries, the following conclusions seem warranted concerning subcultures and gangs: 1 Delinquent gangs exist in many cities and are responsible for much theft, property damage, and violence against persons themselves and others. Like the psychogenic theorists, they have seen the formation of delinquent gangs and subcultures as a reaction to the problems caused by low social status in a world where high status is valued and yet where access to the means to high status is relatively unavailable to them. The formation of a juvenile justice system that is made up of proper course and development was created. However, there is no unanimity over the world concerning the precise conditions under which courts may intervene. Legal definitions seem crucial, for they provide a common identity of those processed, for themselves and for others. Later studies in this tradition have more clearly identified detailed aspects of family relations that seem important, but they have not altered the fundamental point of view. Conflict subcultures are described as consisting of networks of gangs engaged in periodic disputes over local territory as within a particular neighborhood , real or imagined insults, proprietary interests in girls, etc. Fleisher, Belton M. Before juvenile delinquency was established, juveniles were trialed and treated as adults. There was no such thing as a juvenile court, juvenile correctional facilities, or juvenile support groups, when the juvenile deviated. Thus, a girl who experiences the same frustrations that produce a delinquent boy might well assert her femininity in promiscuous behavior but would be unlikely to turn to burglary or aggressive crimes. Observation suggests that those youngsters who are core members of gangs, particularly those who occupy positions of leadership or are striving to do so, are most likely to be involved in a given episode.

The observation that gang leaders often react to status threats by leading or attempting to lead the group in delinquency episodes is a case in point.

But whatever the nature of the unhappiness, delinquency was seen as a solution. Census Bureau, However, for this purpose we would have to look at some very important questions like: How is the concept of juvenile delinquency defined?

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The research will explore the ways used to prevent juvenile crime, the social and psychological motivation for crime, and the way that the criminal justice system aimed to rehabilitate those convicted of a juvenile offence. Yablonsky, Lewis The Violent Gang. As the immigrant groups have won middle-class status, however, their rate of delinquency has declined. Chicago: Rand McNally. This view requires a radical reconstruction of theories of delinquency, one that focuses jointly on the behavior, background, and social setting of the delinquent and on the behavior, background, and social setting of those who are officially charged with responding to delinquency. The Gluecks, for example, found that 60 per cent of their sample of delinquents could be typed as mesomorphs. The primary attention for this research proposal purpose is to rely only on juvenile delinquency data as the necessary specific information is not available for the adult population. Record-keeping systems are designed to report individual acts of delinquency and typically provide very little information about the surrounding social context. This is the most lightly penalized crime committed by minors worldwide.
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