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Also there is increasing acceptance that pain cannot be meaningfully classified as either somatogenic or psychogenic. One cannot expect to make every doctor skilled in individual psychotherapies, but basic principles of behavioral management, counseling and communication skills can be imparted to every medical professional.

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On examination, her speech has a nasal quality, but the palate elevates normally and the gag reflex is intact. Abnormal signal transmission and processing in the nervous system may also be brought in as legitimate explanations for these conditions. Patho-physiological mechanisms can be physiological, psychological and inter-personal. Patel V found stress as common attribution for vaginal discharge. This article is written in the background of clinical experience of the authors in a consultation -liaison setting of a general hospital psychiatry unit. Hence understanding somatoform disorders is of paramount importance, especially so in developing countries like India. The low detection rate in primary care is one key problem in the management of somatoform disorders [ 6 ].

Patients with severe physical illness, cognitive impairment or insufficient German language skills were excluded from the study. FD begins in adulthood and may persist lifelong. Paralikar VP et al.

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The diffuse nature of his pain and the lack of benefit from a variety of modalities suggest pain disorder as the diagnosis. The clinician may be frustrated by the patient whose symptoms defy explanation despite exhaustive workup, and this frustration can mount if the patient refuses to agree that all reasonable possibilities have been ruled out. Concern and conviction of a disease when none exists For the psychiatrist, this group whose main concern is not the symptoms, but the beliefs about health, disease and diagnosis may be hypochondriasis, a sub type of somatoform disorder. Hence it is not surprising that they are never taken up for a bedside discussion or a case conference. Involves unexplained physical symptoms that last for at least six months, but do not meet the diagnostic threshold for somatization disorder. But as the patient continues to present with new set of symptoms in every visit or persist with the same complaints and the investigations continue not to reveal anything significant, the initial interest and enthusiasm gives way to frustration and helplessness. Workup should exclude plausible diagnoses, especially if objective signs are present, but extensive evaluation is best avoided. Another concept is somatosensory amplification, where somatic symptoms are experienced as intense, noxious or disturbing. When he makes a referral to a psychiatrist, a medical professional is usually not bothered over these subtleties and is worried whether he is missing an organic cause, is concerned about symptom removal, and is often curious about the psychological stressor identified. Scheduled visits may also prevent frequent and unnecessary between-visit contacts and reduce excessive health care use. FD begins in adulthood and may persist lifelong. Familiarity with the themes of these disorders will enable the clinician to pursue a positive diagnosis, while using judicious testing to rule out underlying medical problems.

The reasons for medically unexplained physical symptoms remaining one of the areas least explored despite their common occurrence may include the following. They are: i Providing a positive explanation for the symptoms, without dismissing them.

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Patients with a positive screening result were asked to participate in a telephone interview within 4 weeks after the screening. This disorder also produces clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The priority in this article has been assigned depending on the frequency usually encountered in clinical practice in a general hospital setting.

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Abstract Somatization is a clinical and public health problem as it can lead to social dysfunction, occupational difficulties and increased healthcare use. Also, physical and psychological factors contribute to the illness. These drugs might work indirectly, by alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder — which are common in patients with somatoform disorders and can heighten distress over physical symptoms. FD begins in adulthood and may persist lifelong. Recent data suggest that fears of misdiagnosing neurologic symptoms as unexplained by underlying disease are largely unfounded, with only 0. Deliberate feigning of diseases The subtle difference between factitious disorders and malingering does not bother the non-psychiatrist. But then, rather than resolving, his pain persisted and generalized to the point of causing total disability. It is important to reiterate that the patient is not manufacturing his or her symptoms, and to affirm that help will be provided. One cannot expect to make every doctor skilled in individual psychotherapies, but basic principles of behavioral management, counseling and communication skills can be imparted to every medical professional. Benefit has been demonstrated from psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.
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