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In other words, a strong business model will help a company use the resources it has to make money.

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Differentiation hence generates a clear distinction from competitors and competitive advantage. Ansoff, H. The purpose is to guarantee objectivity, reliability and validity.

Based on these questions, the next measurement termed ERRC grid was created. This segment clarifies the origin, the definition, and the creation of uncontested market space using four appropriate strategic techniques.

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These stores are usually accessible at certain day times and weekdays. The strategic centre is, therefore, the creation of new market space and reinvention of existing ones. This framework enables the redesign of market boundaries and the creation of a new offering. This relatively autonomous position enables organisations to maximise their sales potential and profitability if customer benefits are created. Therefore, Kim's and Mauborgne developed six search paths to provide a procedure for transforming the market borders to find a new source for value creation. In the next part, the importance of competitive advantages using classical theories according to Michael E. The following chapter concentrates hence on the case study of Arket using the four Blue Ocean Strategy tools. This figure makes clear that success of a company is not only affected by rivalry among existing companies. First, companies achieve the creation of a total customer solution which differs from competitors.

Due to this division, differences between stationary retail and online trade are apparent. The metaphor symbolises a bloodthirsty market that turns red due to rivalry and competitive battles within the industry.

The last section of this chapter provides an overview of four technical approaches using analytical tools and frameworks. The thesis is, therefore, based on theoretical elaboration and a subsequent empirical research.

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It provides information about existing industry offerings and actions. These three key attributes reveal strategic management as a holistic and integrated management approach. The result is a reduction in profitability for companies within the industry. A holistic approach with multidimensional aspects was, therefore, imperative throughout all organisational units. As the table indicates, the first search path is called Industry. However, the problem arises whether the Blue Ocean Strategy can provide a significant incentive for stationary fashion retailing aiming to avoid increasing competition. The American professor at that time attended his seminars on strategic issues which laid the origin of their subsequent collaboration. Both perspectives should thus influence decisions. Finally, the occurrence of competitive advantages and the resulting benefits are described. Finally, functions through the achievement of competitive advantages are discussed. How long will that last? The term first time appeared in a military context. The high production volume leads to a reduction in total unit costs at constant fixed costs.

These strategic alignments hence focus on gaining competitive advantages by staying ahead of competition through defensive or offensive behaviour towards contenders. This figure is hence a simplification of the strategy canvas template.

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