The background of the great red scare following world war i

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the red scare 1920

He revoked the second class mailing privileges of radical publications. Indeed, four years later, another man said he had committed the crime with a local gang. The Bolsheviks established a communist government that withdrew Russian troops from the war effort.

Edgar Hooveraided many of the legislative investigations of communist activities. Other U. Meanwhile parts of Europe were suffering from revolutionary unrest and violence. Fatalities included a New York City night watchman, William Boehner, [36] [37] [39] and one of the bombers, Carlo Valdinoci, a Galleanist radical who died in spectacular fashion when the bomb he placed at the home of Attorney General Palmer exploded in his face.

Soaring inflation and high unemployment following the November armistice and the subsequent demobilization of troops and wartime industries influenced labor unrest and a growing number of strikes.

These people were not hired for work during the Red Scare. In January offederal agents broke into the homes of suspected anarchists without search warrants, jailed labor leaders, and held about 5, citizens without respecting their right to legal counsel.

Red scare propaganda

Martial law was imposed in Charleston, South Carolina , [50] where men of the U. Along with Attorney General Palmer, who was targeted a second time, the intended victims included a Massachusetts state representative and a New Jersey silk manufacturer. Although both anarchists and communists were suspected as being responsible for the bombing, ultimately no individuals were indicted for the bombing in which 38 died and were injured. Indeed, four years later, another man said he had committed the crime with a local gang. Debs with the "school boy rhetoric" of traditional black leaders. Finch, who happened to be investigating the Galleanist organization. Five white men and eighteen black men were injured in the riot. But to no avail — the men were executed on Aug. The Eastern front had not gone well for Russia.

McCarthyism coincided with an increased and popular fear of communist espionage that was consequent to the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europethe Berlin Blockade —49the end of the Chinese Civil Warthe confessions of spying for the Soviet Union that were made by several high-ranking U.

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The Cold War for Kids: Red Scare