The biography of the former us president bill clinton

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We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. Education Clinton attended Hot Springs High School, a segregated all-white school, where he was a stellar student and a star saxophonist for the school band. The principal of Hot Springs High, Johnnie Mae Mackey, placed a special emphasis on producing students devoted to public service, and she developed a strong bond with the smart and politically-inclined Clinton. He came from a small state that many people thought of as unsophisticated and underdeveloped. Once in office Clinton continued to work on economic issues, and interest rates and unemployment began to drop. Clinton became the youngest former governor in American history. Kennedy at the White House Rose Garden. Working closely with his wife, Hillary, in his first term as governor Clinton set out on an ambitious agenda to reform the state's education and health care systems. The White House. Bill Clinton was born on August 19, , in Hope, Arkansas, a small town with a population of about 8, Bush electoral votes and billionaire populist Ross Perot 0 electoral votes , who ran as an independent on a platform that focused on domestic issues.

Later that year she married an automobile salesman named Roger Clinton, who soon moved the family back to his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

While opposites in many ways — Eldridge was easygoing and Edith the disciplinarian — both lavished attention on the young boy, instilling in him the importance of a good education.

The biography of the former us president bill clinton

In a period of increasingly divided politics, Clinton moved his policies more to the center to appeal to mainstream America. Critics felt that his lack of experience in national government gave him little understanding of foreign policy.

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He went on to run for Governor of Arkansas in and won becoming the youngest governor of the state. That is how I kept score: all the millions of people with new jobs, new homes and college aid; the kids with health insurance and after-school programs; the people who left welfare for work; the families helped by the family leave law; the people living in safer neighborhoods — all those people have stories, and they're better ones now.

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Clinton also championed affirmative action, appointing record numbers of African Americans to key government positions. He immediately thrust himself into university politics, serving as the president of his freshman and sophomore classes, though he lost the election for student body president as a junior. On Sunday mornings, he woke himself up, put on his best dress clothes and walked the mile to Park Place Baptist Church to attend services alone. Through a task force headed by First Lady Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton endorsed a massive health care reform act that was designed to provide universal coverage. Despite being impeached, he remained a very popular President. He apologized to the American people and to Congress for what he had done. William Fulbright. Historical Significance Clinton was the first two term Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt. An international affairs major, he managed to cover his expenses through scholarships and by working part-time jobs.

Throughout his childhood, Clinton grew increasingly disturbed by his stepfather's drinking and abusive behavior toward his mother and younger half-brother.

The family moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where they lived in small house with no indoor plumbing. Despite his rocky relationship with his stepfather, Bill changed his last name to Clinton as a teenager.

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Inhe signed a law increasing the national minimum wage. Clinton's second term, however, became overshadowed by the investigation into Whitewater of lawyer Kenneth Starr —.

A quickly arranged appearance on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson enabled Clinton to poke fun at his blunder and thus deftly rescue his image before a large national television audience.

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Biography of President Bill Clinton for Kids