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Williams [] argue that third world poverty and famine are caused in part by bad government and bad economic policies.

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The situation is most acute in western, central and eastern Africa. Two billion people live in poverty, more than the population of the entire planet less than years ago.

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After all, without it people cannot put what they have learned into practice. Data has also been collected to show that there is a direct link between increases in human population and decreases in the number of species on the planet.

Schematic presentation of birth and death rates in less-developed countries, midth century.

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Better Medical Facilities: Following this came the industrial revolution. Medical science made many discoveries thanks to which they were able to defeat a whole range of diseases. Most of the environmental damage being seen in the last fifty odd years is because of the growing number of people on the planet. The graph shows the — period. The Worldwatch Institute said in that the booming economies of China and India are "planetary powers that are shaping the global biosphere". Other major sources of eutrophication are industry and sewage disposal--both related to population growth. Food, water and fossil fuels are all being consumed at record rates , placing greater demands on producers and the planet itself. In these countries—England, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia, the Low Countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France—the birth rate went down because of the practice of contraception among married couples. The steep drop in the death rate from approximately 35 per thousand began at times varying roughly between and from country to country. Larger populations may speed these changes up, especially if more is not done to reduce individual carbon footprints on a wide scale. There have been three major technological revolutions — the tool-making revolution, the agricultural revolution , and the industrial revolution — all of which allowed humans more access to food, resulting in subsequent population explosions.

Environmental Effects of Overpopulation The relationship between overpopulation and environmental impacts are often interrelated and complex. Furthermore, intensive farming kills beneficial insects and plantsdegrades and depletes the very soil it depends oncreates polluted runoff and clogged water systemsincreases susceptibility to floodingcauses the genetic erosion of crops and livestock species around the worlddecreases biodiversityand destroys natural habitats.

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Elevated Crime Rate As human overpopulation drives resources and basic necessities, such as food and water, to become scarcer , there will be increased competitiveness for these resources which leads to elevated crime rates due to drug cartels and theft by people in order to survive. Finally, the social and economic changes characteristic of industrialization and modernization of a country are accompanied by and reinforce a rise of secularism, pragmatism, and rationalism in place of custom and tradition. Conflicts over water are becoming a source of tension between countries, which could result in wars. Learn More. Degradation of Environment: With the overuse of coal, oil and natural gas, it has started producing some serious effects on our environment. Resource Consumption As the population grows, so too does the amount of resources needed to keep so many people alive. Even if overpopulation were to prove to be a problem, it is one with an expiration date: due to falling global birth rates, demographers estimate the world population will decrease in the long run, after peaking around the year To be sure, the rate of increase cannot continue to grow much further. North America 82 million There is concern over the sharp population increase in many countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa , that has occurred over the last several decades, and that it is creating problems with land management, natural resources and access to water supplies. However, ecological issues are just the beginning Globally, forests store more than twice the amount of carbon dioxide than is found in the atmosphere. There are a number of proposed solutions. Overpopulation is caused by number of factors. While engineers and scientists will have to apply their knowledge to find more ways to increase the amount of available resources, and develop better renewable energy solutions, everyone else must also participate. Your data shall be processed in order to send you information, through the subscription to our Newsletter through electronic means, regarding our services, products, activities and news pertinent to your activity sectors, which are specified on the Web Site, as well as those of other companies that comprise the Acciona Group, which can be consulted on the Web Site at www.

The graph shows the — period. Overpopulation, Briefly Defined The term overpopulation is used to describe a situation in which the world or area has a population so large that the people there are suffering as a result.

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What is Overpopulation and Problems of Overpopulation?