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This book offers a clear step-by-step guide to implementing a successful advocacy program at both the state and local levels. Avner, M. Loue, S. If there are only a handful of people on your side, it may be all too easy for those in power to dismiss you as the lunatic fringe. Maybe they still are, but you may find that you can find help in unexpected quarters. An advocate must take positive steps to restore another person's autonomy when it is threatened or diminished, otherwise all talk of advocacy is simply lip-service. Community Change. And what can you do about it? As you know by now, an advocate will usually have to overcome obstacles much greater than "mere" inertia, or lack of funds, which are often the main barriers where other types of community development projects are concerned. Even worse, in some circumstances a wrong step could land you in court. Goliath image, manning the barricades, making waves. Suppose they might want to take over the direction of the whole campaign? Amherst H. Sometimes, this may not be for the most obvious reasons, so you'll need to know what's going on. In a social care context: Both terms and more specific ones such as "independent advocacy" are used in the UK in the context of a network of interconnected organisations and projects which seek to benefit people who are in difficulty primarily in the context of disability and mental health.

Advocacy is best kept for when "routine" work such as gathering support for a cause, raising money, and recruiting members of a community initiative or program won't get you where you want to go. Advocacy can be glamorous: the David vs. Suppose these people are limited by their own charters in the type of action they can get involved in?

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Imagine a city where there were public demonstrations every day, where City Hall was besieged constantly by groups with special petitions, resolutions, and assorted agitations. You will need to know where the power of your opponents lies, and how you can most effectively influence or confront it. Health advocacy : supports and promotes patients' health care rights as well as enhance community health and policy initiatives that focus on the availability, safety and quality of care. The purpose of this toolkit is twofold: 1 Share and disseminate alternative approaches to advocacy across competition agencies; and 2 Provide a useful, practical guide to competition agencies looking to amend or refresh their current approach. If there are only a handful of people on your side, it may be all too easy for those in power to dismiss you as the lunatic fringe. The situation may be resolved through persuasion, by forcing Goliath to buckle under pressure, by compromise, or through political or legal action. In Summary Advocacy is exciting work.

Stir it up: Lessons in community organizing and advocacy. Advocacy is not direct service Advocacy does not necessarily involve confrontation or conflict Some examples may help clarify just what advocacy is: You join a group that helps build houses for the poor--that's wonderful, but it's not advocacy it's a service You organize and agitate to get a proportion of apartments in a new development designated as low to moderate income housing - that's advocacy You spend your Saturdays helping sort out goods at the recycling center - that's not advocacy it's a service You hear that land used for the recycling center is going to be closed down and you band together with many others to get the city to preserve this site, or find you a new one.

If it doesn't work--if you stick your necks way out and don't succeed--not only will you fail, but you may do so in public, discrediting your cause, perhaps making conditions worse for the people you set out to help.

Good advocates know they must think very hard about any confrontation that's going to be necessary. Even if the issue seems as clear as a bell, and your choice of actions seems just as obvious, it's a good idea to take another long, hard look.

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As Bandman and Bandman purport, the nurse recognises that his or her first duty is to protect and care for the patient's health and safety. Starting with the cause for resistance is often more fruitful than starting with a list of people you expect to be bad guys: you may get some surprises. Interest-group advocacy: lobbying is the main tool used by interest groups doing mass advocacy. Then people in power will take notice. It's one thing to fight city hall: much harder to take on a whole community of hostile or indifferent people. National Library of Medicine. Understanding the Issue You probably already have a pretty good idea of what the issue or problem is. For example, to look at a worst-case scenario, think of what could go wrong with a campaign to promote better health for the poor: You accuse the local hospital of turning away a sick patient, without checking your facts. It is a form of action that does not always succeed at influencing political decision-makers as it requires resources and organization to be effective.

This chapter will help you get launched. In addition to deciding whether other groups have an interest in your cause, it's important to find out if an alliance with them is in your interest.

At the very least, there's a risk of spinning your wheels if you don't go about the many tasks of advocacy efficiently. It's amateur night! Some of you even think about blocking the bulldozers, if necessary - that's advocacy Advocacy usually involves getting government, business, schools, or some other large institution also known as Goliath to correct an unfair or harmful situation affecting people in the community also known as David, and friends.

Starting with the cause for resistance is often more fruitful than starting with a list of people you expect to be bad guys: you may get some surprises.

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The concept of advocacy.