The effect of the information age

At first, only books that told stories of religion and religious heroes were written.

what comes after the information age

Science and Engineering - Using supercomputers, meteorologists predict future weather by using a combination of observations of weather conditions from many sources, a mathematical representation of the behavior of the atmosphere, and geographic data.

In contrast to the assessment targets later in this chapter under "Information and Communication Technology", which are concerned with student knowledge and use of various technologies, the assessment targets in this subarea emphasize the revolutionary consequences of the Information Age—the ways in which society affects what information and knowledge is available and how the availability of that information profoundly affects society.

To delay the onset of these limits as long as possible, research is under way on new materials with a high dielectric constant appropriate for both memory applications and for limiting the leakage of current in tightly packed integrated circuits. Also, huge criminal organizations rely on hacking into government systems and obtaining confidential information to continue their way of life.

The World Wide Webused initially by companies as an electronic billboard for their products and services, morphed into an interactive consumer exchange for goods and information. Multiply that by a million and you'll get an idea of the scope and the pace of change of the communications revolution.

Soon airline tickets, hotel reservations, books, and even cars and homes could be purchased online. The availability of enormous computational power at low cost is having a dramatic impact on our economy.

information age technology inventions

The invention of the transistor enabled the era of mainframe computers s — stypified by the IBM Twelfth-graders should know that sophisticated information and communication technologies have transformed the world of information and knowledge itself, with positive and negative implications for society.

It also impacts our work ethics by distracting us and causing us to lose interest in the task we are doing.

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What is Information Age?