The elderly should live in old folks homes essay

Also, if they are alone at home, they may not get immediate care and attention in a medical emergency.

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One should throw away that kind of prejudice that old people are useless. Besides, in nursing home, elderly parent will have an adequate and nutritious diet that is suitable for their ages.

Ethical or not, it all depends solely on individual standard, belief, and moral stature.

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These facilities offer assistance and supervision with daily living activities, coordination of services and monitoring of resident activities to guarantee safety, wellbeing and health. Furthermore, elderly people still can contribute their help in housework and also taking care of their grandchildren. Such residents consist of the elderly and young adults with mental and physical disabilities, occupational, rehabilitative and other physical therapies after an illness or accidents Simon and Genner, Concisely, the main reason of this issue possibly is the relationship between parents and their children. Another problem is their emotions. The moral lesson is one should not dump their aged parents. Therefore, they need a full time caretaker. In most Asian countries, looking after the elderly people is regarded as an obligatory duty of individuals. In fact, senior people have to integrate into an alienated environment unlike their formerly surrounding. Therefore, they will not feel lonely or sad so much as being far from their children. There is an employment of nurses or nurse practitioners, and even recruitment of doctors that are supposed to on call at all times to ensure if there is anything accident happen to the elderly, immediate medication can be applied at the first moment. Not only that, diet of the elderly is also very important as taking in foods that are oily and too spicy will only affect their health.

If your elderly parent remains home they still have so many Related Documents Parents Putting Children in Leashes Essay for many debates, there is one issue so prevalent that you cannot possibly ignore it any longer.

To my view, it is better for elderly parents to live in nursing home because of the following rationales Firstly, living in nursing home, it is understandable that elderly parent will be provided a professional health care.

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Firstly, elderly people are offered better care when living at home. For example, children should be taught to honor and respect their elderly parents.

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But students of other cities often become confused to rent a home or to live in the dormitory. Jihad Jihad sucks. The moral lesson is one should not dump their aged parents. By taking care of the elders, in turn, can the young generations express their respect and gratitude towards their seniors. Old people are also not easy to take care of. For instance, one may busy working all the day and do not have the time to take care of their own children. There are financial, welfare and psychological aspects to be considered and very often it is a last resort. Admittedly, living in a nursing home in unavoidable circumstances has some benefits.
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Should Elderly Live in Old Folks' Home?