The moral and legal questions surrounding euthanasia

My opinion was based upon my years of witnessing extreme human suffering. While it is improper to analyze the legalization of physician-suicide from a dollar cost savings, even this analysis leads to the conclusion that assisted suicide should not be legalized. This argument is sometimes known as the Doctrine of Double Effect.

It is a statement that God either does not exist or that God is indifferent to human suffering. As a result of medical technology, Americans are living longer, and when individuals finally succumb to an illness, they linger longer and often in great pain.

I have witnessed the toll that unrelenting physical pain causes to the severely injured and their family. Dying as part of life If we accept dying as a part of life we should all embrace, is there anything good about the dying process?

Kant I. In fact, in the Netherlands deaths from physician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia have risen from 2, into 3, ina thirty-three percent increase in five years. So it's wrong to make anyone live longer than they want. Surely it is the responsibility of our society to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

United States, 48 S. Simply, respondents are absolutely against these procedures, except for the one, who believes that in some cases PAS would be ethically acceptable. Horn R.

why is euthanasia bad

Anyone doing so could potentially face 14 years in prison.

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An Ethical Review of Euthanasia and Physician