The peters projection map

Since Mercator produced his global map over four hundred years ago for the age of Europeans world domination, cartographers have clung to it despite its having been long outdated by events.

He promoted it as a superior alternative to the Mercator projectionwhich was suited to navigation but also used commonly in world maps. Cartographers appeared in the "Age of Discovery", which developed into the Age of European Conquest and Exploitation and took over the task of making maps.

The Mercator map has always been a poor projection for a world map, yet due to its rectangular grid and shape, geographically illiterate publishers found it useful for wall maps, atlas maps, and maps in books and newspapers published by non-geographers.

The resolution called for the complete elimination of the use of the Mercator as well as the Peters projection. In the ensuing years, however, it became clear that Peters and his map were no flash in the pan.

Thus the relationship of any point on the map to its distance from the Equator or to the angle of the sun can easily be determined. The Peters camp largely ignored the protests of the cartographers.

Hence the cartographic community viewed Peters's narrative as ahistorical and mean-spirited. This reasoning has been picked up by many educational and religious bodies, leading to adoption of the Gall—Peters projection among some socially concerned groups, including Oxfam, [9] National Council of Churches[10] New Internationalist magazine, [11] and the Mennonite Central Committee.

Several scholars have remarked on the irony of the projection's undistorted presentation of the mid latitudes, including Peters's native Germany, at the expense of the low latitudes, which host more of the technologically underdeveloped nations. The s saw a flurry of literature directed against the Peters phenomenon.

The European world concept, as the last expression of a subjective global view of primitive peoples, must give way to an objective global concept.

gall peters projection pros and cons

However, which map projection should be used for general purposes, such as, for hanging in classrooms or on TV news?

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Which is the best map projection?