Travel agency business plan in pakistan new season

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Resources to help you plan your travel agency:. A list of staff showing their designations, qualification, training and experience in travel trade business along with attested copies of the supporting documents. It is important to recognize that we do not intend to just take individuals on sightseeing excursions, but also to ensure that they appreciate nature through informative briefings on objects' origins.

The decision to establish strategic alliances with several hotels, lodges and travel agencies is aimed at tapping our target market effectively and efficiently.

travel agency business plan in pakistan new season

New picnic sites, which are currently under development will also provide places of interest. In the future, Sephats Tours intends to broaden its coverage by expanding into additional markets. Sales Literature The business will begin with a general corporate brochure establishing its position on the market.

This shall be undertaken through recruitment of a professional team and the provision of good quality custom-designed travel packages, catering to the client's particular needs.

A destination that unlocks the mystery of nature — an oasis in a wilderness which is an ideal escape for nature lovers. However large the market ultimately becomes, the company strongly believes that travel will be an important component of this market place.

Hence we need to engage the right people in the right place at the right time if we are to ensure optimum growth. Our understanding of the needs of our target market segments shall be one of our competitive advantages. In addition well-done, informative brochures, fact sheets and business cards often have a triggering effect on clients contemplating utilizing our services.

The current trend towards an increase in the number of tourists entering the country presents an opportunity for Sephats Tours to penetrate the market.

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Evening drives can include a bush braai giving visitors the chance to see the more unusual nocturnal creatures.

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Travel Agency Licence Requirements in Pakistan