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Our office location allows us to give presentations to potential and existing clients. The key questions to address in the financial model is does the company generate an adequate profit on each sale that is higher than the cost of acquiring the customer.

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I practiced until I understood exactly how to do the maps, exactly how to make the models, and how to make them perfect. We hope you found this list of things to think about as you begin planning your drone business useful.

The best way to handle this is to find one a surveyor who will work with you, which is actually not as hard as it might seem since people are really into the idea of using drones.

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Instead, we opened up a business and spent time crafting our end products. Get certified Knowing how to fly is a great start, but in order to comply with legal regulations you need to make sure that you choose a CAA approved NQE drone training course. First I focused on developing my mapping skills, really mastering them, as well as mastering flying itself. These schools will offer invaluable tips and useful information needed to kick start a successful career as a drone pilot. So we created and tailored everything we do for industry people, agriculture people, construction people, and so on, and we spent months creating data packages and end products for each of those types of industries before we even started trying to get clients. Why did you do all of that prep work before launching your business? There are many different applications for a drone ranging from photography to engineering surveying, with each of these requiring different, highly specialised equipment and sensors to gather the specific data. I started the business right away and I got my team together. Thomas is mountainous, and flying and mapping in different terrain and elevations is challenging. UAV Coach helped me get here today. We hope you found this list of things to think about as you begin planning your drone business useful. Know what drone you will need, what critical accessories like batteries, and the delivery media for the client such as USB drives, Dropbox, and YouTube. At least it is to me.

But when I moved to the Virgin Islands, I really buckled down and started developing my drone skills. Image Source 5.

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Here Are the Best Drone Business Ideas