Unit 1 the business environment 3

Unit 1 the business environment 3

M Their focus is to reduce any transporting issues worldwide. The basis for assessor grading decisions is explained below. Suppliers and the business- Suppliers expect their payment to be paid on time for the raw materials they deliver to an organization and thay may even abrogate to supply components on credit or even cancel all their transactions with a business if they do not pay regularly. Unit 1 The Business Environment P5 Describe the influence of two contrasting economic environments on business activities within a selected organisation. The important decisions are taken by them in an organization. Primark has been selling high volume of products and fashion clothes with a view to capture more market share. The Community- Their interest will be more jobs in that area for the local people, the business engagement in charity work which will result into contributing to their living standard as well as reliable product quality and the development of their areas. There is no minimum capital required to start up this type of business and their shares are not sold on the stock exchange market. Furthermore economic system of Cuba is also accompanied with high availability of resources and less demand of product in this given market segment. In many cases private organization leads to take advantage of this strategic alliance with a view to dominate market The completion act was created with a view to abolish those activities which create a circumstance with a view to eliminate the competition form the market. In addition to this company has been complying with all the applicable laws and regulation. Promoters- This are the persons who incorporated the organization.

Unlike the other countries China has been exporting highest amount of trade goods for the betterment of world. Their statement ends with telling us how they want to develop a rewarding relationship with almost all their stakeholders like the employees, partners and suppliers.

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This may depend on the sector that the business operates in as to what their main aims will be. It is not owned by the government but by the shareholders who are the general public. Task-2 2.

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In order to describe the extent to which Primark meets the objectives of its stakeholders are given as below Evans, et. Email Not all organisations have the same purpose. We investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse by governments and corporations around the world. Unit 1 The Business Environment D1 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation. UK Essays, A. Reporting responsibilities: Primark has been compiling with the entire legal and accounting standard while making reporting with its stake holders. Primark has been accompanied with various stakeholders such as employees, government, shareholders, suppliers, promoter, banks, and lenders,Persons in concert, clients and other persons who ever are having interest in the working of the organization. Media- Their power and interest is to spread good or bad publicity about a business and keeping the world updated on their affairs. Guidance and advice on unit assignments can be found on Moodle.

Private hospitals do provide quality services because people are paying that extra for it but at the same time these services are not just for everyone but the wealthy individuals. They would want to have job security and be interested in the performance and growth of the business so it becomes a value to them when they move from one organization to other or for salary increment.

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They expose all the harms that are caused by the government or a business in a country. Set of private bodies or department for business innovation has issued several policies and regulation for controlling business activities in determined approach.

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Sometimes there will be organisations in the Private sector who do not aim to make a profit. They would want to have job security and be interested in the performance and growth of the business so it becomes a value to them when they move from one organization to other or for salary increment. Primark has set up ethical working channel in its value chain activities which has provided that company has used all the relevant means and assets to establish an effective productive system Ethic and law: Primark has set up effective mechanism which establishes different structure and means to distinguish ethical and legal work in the complete functioning of the organization. The suppliers themselves would want to have a good relationship with their customers which will result into regular orders and their payment being made on time. Therefore Primark has created high managerial jobs for qualified persons who can take care of all the employees in effective approach. This means that making a profit is not as important to them, with more of the focus being on providing a good quality service. Managers interest is for the business to grow further so that they can control a larger and a better known business which will give them further power, status and high salary.

Sustainable brand image- Primark has been selling its products and goods in fashion industry since very long time.

Their packaging in North America is made of recycled content and they are trying to implement this method of packaging worldwide.

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Business Environment Assignment Unit 1