Veneration without understanding my analysis

It was written during the first term of President Marcos where political turmoil present in the country was starting to build up.

But it is useless speculation to try to divine what he would now advocate.

Veneration without understanding dissent and counter consciousness

But like all things, he was just a moment. Underscoring supplied [3] The reason for the enthusiastic American attitude becomes clear in the following appraisal of Rizal by Forbes: Rizal never advocated independence, nor did he advocate armed resistance to the government. This tendency is fraught with dangers. Rizal could not have anticipated the problems of today. They set their tasks in conformity with the given conditions of their times. The truth of this statement is demonstrated by the fact that the Revolution broke out despite his refusal to lead it and continued despite his condemnation of it. Still, we must accept the fact that his formal designation as our national hero, his elevation to his present eminence so far above all our other heroes was abetted and encouraged by the Americans. The steamship effected both internal and external linkages, postal services improved, the telegraph was inaugurated in , and by , we were connected with the world by a submarine cable to Hong Kong. We must therefore not fall into the error of projecting the role of the individual to the extent of denying the play of these forces as well as the creative energies of the people who are the true makers of their own history. Though he is secure to be in our hearts and memories as a hero, we must now realize that he has no monopoly of patriotism; he is not the zenith of our greatness; neither are all his teachings of universal and contemporary relevance and application. First question is as a Filipino do we really need to honour Rizal? He did not want to see useless death and murder, when the end result would have been the slaves becoming tyrants themselves. Jose Rizal deserves to be our national hero or not, I just want to elaborate that nobody is perfect, there are aspects of Rizal that we may see as a model and there are some angles that needs to be revised and improved. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap. They proposed an elitist form of leadership, all the while believing that what the elite leadership decided was what the people would and should follow.

Shrouded with the mantel of sainthood and perfection, we all see Rizal as one of the best role models that we have. All that the article contains are well selected facts that can be found on other books and journals, and simple persuading-but-not-designed-so hypothetical ideas.

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The drive for Hispanization was transformed into the development of a distinct national consciousness. We must determine the factors - economic and cultural [p. Sans that, lacking that fundamental grounding in history, he is nothing more than a master manipulator and propagandist.

Veneration without understanding my analysis

For the users of the term were themselves limited Filipinos based on education and property. Because only by this that we can prove that we are truly free from the colony of the past. Every nation is always discovering or rediscovering heroes in the past or its present. Anti-clericalism became the ideological style of the period. The Negation of Rizal Today, we need new heroes who can help us solve our pressing problems. His name was invoked whenever the incapacity of the masses for self-government was pointed out as a justification for American tutelage. The English occupation of the country, the end of the galleon trade, and the Latin- American revolutions of that time were all factors which led to an economic re-thinking by liberal Spanish officials. Rizal contributed much to the growth of this national consciousness. His dramatic death captured the imagination of our people. Lastly, the writer passed on to the readers the thoughts of Rizal as an American supported hero. Is it because he died for our country?

These were inevitably accompanied by cultural and political ferment. And upon his dramatic exile and martyrdom, he instantly became the symbol of the Spanish oppression.

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Today, we are becoming slaves again because of the prevailing endless growth of corruption, increasing rate of poverty, crime, and education problems. Rizal which we typically see in our grade school history books. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that almost always the leader of that revolution becomes the principal hero of his people.

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Renato Constantino wrote the said article to remind all those people who idolizes our national hero so much without fully understanding his contexts during his time.

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Veneration without Understanding Essay Example