Volunteering with animals

Volunteer Introduction Countless giving individuals have contributed hundreds of hours of unpaid service for animals.

volunteering with animals abroad

You may not be gaining financial compensation for your volunteer work, but you are gaining skills and experience that should be highlighted. Start by taking a look at the following top ten volunteer opportunities with animals!

Volunteering with animals

The Cinnamon Trust - Helps elderly and terminally ill people to care for their pets. In short, paying to volunteer abroad isn't actually a bad idea. It is unfortunate that many people believe that only paying positions can be included on a resume—this is absolutely not the case at all. Wild elephants are not the only ones in trouble in paradise, however. Volunteering should really be a lot of fun. Supporting animal shelters in Guatemala Do you have a passion for conservation efforts and want to play a part animal conservation in Africa, Asia, or Europe? Working in one of four project locations, you'll preserve some of the few natural nesting sites that don't hold official protection by the Costa Rican government. How do I know if an animal volunteer project abroad is ethical? Medical expenses can escalate into the tens of thousands without adequate cover. IVHQ volunteers work with responsible and trusted wildlife conservation organizations, animal sanctuaries and animal shelters. Or, join one of our animal volunteer work projects in South America or Central America. You have the opportunity to do something that interests you and that you find fulfilling.

However, there are still many dangers for animals both wild and domesticated. Volunteering should really be a lot of fun.

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Otherwise, look at volunteer work with land animals such as monkeys , pandas, rhinos, and many more. In Costa Rica, you can work with four different species of sea turtle that are in danger of extinction due to human activities such as infrastructure development, light pollution, transportation of vehicles and the capture of adults. Assistance therapies and specialist charities Several UK charities help people with day-to-day living by providing contact with animals. There are many social benefits related to volunteer work. Volunteering abroad with lions is typically focused on re-growing the lion population and then rehabilitating them to be released back into the wild. Research, including data collection and behavior monitoring, is an especially important task for those who volunteer with elephants in South Africa. The most common locations for wildlife conservation volunteering abroad are at wildlife reserves, parks, and zoos, and volunteers often have additional activities and adventure options available to them outside their placement. There may also be other overheads such as admin costs. Some of the biggest threats to the inhabitants of our rivers and oceans are extreme pollution, overfishing as well as the destruction of our beaches, coastlines and coral reefs. Have no fear; there are also volunteer programs available that offer the chance for volunteers to work with numerous of the native wildlife. If any training is necessary it will be given to you on-site after you arrive. What's more, there are plenty of villages that you can explore and adventure activities you can enjoy; you can go white water rafting, scuba diving or volcano trekking, or even take part in a wildlife safari or rainforest canopy tour.

Volunteering opportunities include working with elephants, sloths, monkeys, bears, leopards, jaguars, horses, dogs, turtles as well as tropical birds and reptiles in a variety of amazing locations around the world.

In the hospitals you can help to care for sick and injured pets and work on reception. We appreciate it may seem odd to pay a fee for a place on a volunteering program. Some volunteer projects will open and close accordingly.

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