Why is so important to understand how a business process works when trying to develop a new informat

business processes and information systems

In my experience, we sometimes get into implementations and find that the business processes are not known, or there is inconsistent understanding of the business processes. While automation can make a business more efficient, it cannot be used to provide a competitive advantage.

Don't forget the importance of training in spreading key knowledge, skills and best practice across your business. Formal processes are important when there are safety, legal, and financial reasons.

The following table lists some of the symbols that you might encounter in a process flow diagram. You may be able to use your knowledge and expertise in an advisory or consultancy capacity. When a business process is designed correctly and supported with information technology, employees will be able to implement it on their own authority.

Make sure you title each slide to identify which is which. It is a strategy for realization of its vision and mission as a whole.

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Key Ways to Significantly Improve Business Process Management