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His publication, The Liberator, reached thousands of individuals worldwide. Therefore, with a clear conscience, without any compromise of principles, I accepted the invitation of the Government of the United States to be present and witness the ceremonies that have taken place today.

The American Colonization Society eventually succeeded in creating the "colony", then country, of Liberia.

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When the war had ended and the 13th Amendment legally established the end of American slavery, Garrison ended publication of The Liberator, feeling that the struggle had ended.

By late —, "Garrison rejected colonization, publicly apologized for his error, and then, as was typical of him, he censured all who were committed to it. William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator Library of Congress Anti-abolitionist handbills sometimes led to violent clashes between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions.

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It was Garrison who discovered the young and newly escaped slave Frederick Douglass in Massachusetts in , and encouraged Douglass to speak and share his experiences. This division between abolitionists remained until the end of the American Civil War in In the decades leading up to the American Civil War, Garrison was the most well-known abolitionist in the United States. I loved this paper and its editor. He had nothing to do with it. In an attempt to circumvent that obstacle, the American Anti-Slavery Society undertook its pamphlet campaign in At that time, and ever since, we have had a host of American friends, who have laboured for the cause night and day; they have nobly stood up for the rights and honour of the coloured man; but they did so at first in the midst of scorn and danger. I admit our responsibility for slavery while in the Union but I deny that going out of the Union would free us from that responsibility.

While many abolitionists were pro-Union, Garrison, who viewed the Constitution as pro-slavery, believed that the Union should be dissolved. Against "colonization"[ edit ] From the eighteenth century there have been proposals to return slaves to Africa, considered as if it were a single country and ethnicity, where the slaves presumably "wanted to go back to".

Instead of surrendering to appeals for him to retreat on the "woman question," Garrison announced in December that The Liberator would support "the rights of woman to their utmost extent.

Garrison refused to pay the fine and was sentenced to a jail term of six months. Dispatching human representatives of the cause would simply be too dangerous, so antislavery printed material was mailed into the South, where it was often intercepted and burned in public bonfires.

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Although the New England society reorganized in as the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, enabling state societies to form in the other New England states, it remained the hub of anti-slavery agitation throughout the antebellum period.

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William Lloyd Garrison's Fourth of July Address