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We're currently developing a cool app based on our site.

Write a song online

What would you like to see added to our site? Tweak the volume, pan and use the sweep effect to your heart's content. Once the battle begins, other members can vote for who wins. Music made on Soundtrap. Collaborate with anyone Whether you participate in the weekly cypher, or discuss hip hop with other members, everything you do on RapPad gives you reputation points which is shown in your profile. We've got it. If you want to use them elsewhere please check your country's parody laws.

So inspirational! Amplifier Connect your own microphone, guitar or any other instrument.

how to write a song for beginners

You can also attach an instrumental or recording to your lyrics and control it from the same interface. When you have the urge to create Explore our extensive collection of beats, loops and instruments or connect your own instrument.

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A new way to write lyrics Write better lyrics and improve your writing skills RapPad combines a bunch of language tools that help you analyze and write lyrics like never before.

Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. Collaborate with anyone

how to write a song
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