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Information wants to be free. The VT has implemented various dis- the security of the digital material, the control of the access to the position policies about ETDs.

In sections 1, we of the digital material, to eliminate the fears of the publishers about present the creation of the digital library of dissertations prior publication, to ensure funds for the viability of the digital librar- of NDC.

The numbers are unquestionable: a digital thesis or dissertation is likely to be accessed by thousands of individuals, and therefore becomes a true act of communication and not a simple academic formality.

Others have published similar data on increased citation impact factors for open access scholarly publications. Also, we compare the tronic Theses and Dissertations that have been submit- implemented disposition policies by the three institutions.

The ETDs are freely accessible for all users.

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Do you think that might have an impact on other campuses, including yours? In what ways has digital scholarship helped advance research for you personally? A long-time advocate for open digital communication, he was the first faculty member from the WVU Department of Foreign Languages to direct a thesis under the electronic submission mandate nearly a decade ago.

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Electronic Theses & Dissertations at West Virginia University